Friday, March 27, 2015

The Man - The Confidence - The Hope - The Dhoni....

Umpteen articles have come on the MS Dhoni, poster boy of Indian cricket for the past decade. His achievements un-parallel, his commitment unquestionable. He could be a great case study for numerous institutions. For a common man – he is simply “hope”.

Cricket fever grips our nation, more than any flu could imagine. A viral infection needs to be caught, but cricket attacks every Indian. Blessed have we been to have great players dot this game, walk the 22 yards through generations.

Is there any other emotion, religion, leader or even God, who unites us all? Beyond doubt a “NO”.

Growing up with the hope to see our team win a world cup, dancing with joy whenever Sachin blazes a straight drive and tears in eyes when India loses, what a childhood. I pity this generation who miss them, because they do not want to emulate anyone, instead they want to themselves always. I , Me and Myself…I question who is I ?

The game revolved around one God for us, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. India prayed to him to score every time he walks. He did fulfill the wish to the most. But where he couldn’t is where the personality called “MS Dhoni” stepped in. 

India needed a “raw stone” to be unearthed from Jharkhand, one with rough personality, tough looks, bold thoughts and fearless emotions to prove how fairytales end (Sachin’s)

The pinnacle of my cricketing passion, was winning the 2011 world cup, on our home turf, at our Mecca of cricket and at shrine of our God “Sachin”, wonder do I would it have been possible without this personality called “MS”.

He stormed the scene and then settled all the chaos with never seen calmness. Does this man really have human genes? How could remain so calm in any situation, question I. In most cases, it is only one word that answers: “Self-Confidence”

MS could be the synonym for “Self-confidence”, area’s where the great Sachin failed, he took the baton and reached heights maybe impossible to emulate. If MS is at the crease, for most of cricket lovers match is not lost, no matter what the situation is. Is there anything we all could learn from him? People tried his hair style to helicopter shot, maybe they could master that, but the true lesson for all is his “Self-confidence”.

How I wish all of us could be this man in our own fields, but I wonder maybe it is humanely impossible to emulate him.  Even during the 2015 WC semi-final, India in precarious situation, he instills hope and if he had the support, who know he could have turned it around.

Many ask me, what do I get by following the game, they play, they earn, they cheat, they fix etc. I say what they miss by not following this pilgrimage called Indian cricket. No one questions this journey unlike other religions. The sprouts of happiness this game gives us is enough to follow for a lifetime. I rarely see an entire nation moved with one shot, be it straight drive from Sachin or the helicopter by MS.

There is a belief that God’s co-existed with humans on our planet generations ago, maybe we need not go so far. When rest of this game is filled with Humans who either crave for money/fame/controversies/girls or do not know how to control emotions, there existed Gods like Sachin and Dhoni for all to look upto. We heard that almighty takes form of humans to set right evil, I believe these personalities are the form of almighties taken birth to spread one-ness amidst a country filled with citizens craving for materialistic assets.

Life is beyond paper called money. We have to Love All. One to way to do it soak in the atmosphere of this pilgrimage, where Gods like MS spread the message of Unity, Happiness and more importantly show paths towards a meaningful Life.

This defeat of 2015 WC S/F means India lost its tag as world champions, but the greatest trophy for us is the lifestyle of this personality called “MS”. A character beyond a trophy, tag and money. He earns so what, even you could if you are MS, which you and me are not…!!!

One Sachin, started idol worship in cricket, One Dhoni built a temple filled with idols. What a legacy to emulate: Sachin to Dhoni to Who next?

Yes, I am true cricket fan, who is not bothered about the controversies and still try to believe that 11 players representing my nation play their game to the true essence. Try being one, You find some solace…!!!

Dhoni The Man- Dhoni The Confidence – Dhoni The Hope. Hats off “Mahendra Singh Dhoni”